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MONOLITH Eurorack Keyboard Synthesizer System

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MONOLITH Eurorack Keyboard Synthesizer System
MONOLITH Eurorack Keyboard Synthesizer System MONOLITH Eurorack Keyboard Synthesizer System


The WMD Monolith Eurorack Keyboard Synthesizer system combines the functionality of modular systems with the immediacy of a conventional keyboard to deliver an experience that is unique to the modular realm. Designed in collaboration with Steady State Fate, the Monolith features a 37-note keyboard with 104HP worth of space that comes filled with WMD/SSF modules, a power supply, and 25 patch cables.  

The system features the following modules: two Spectrum VCOs, two ADSRVCAs, a Pole-Zero VCF, Tool Box, SPO, Quad Atten, Buffered Mult, Blender, Amplitude, Ultrafold, and VCMiniSlew. Additionally, the system boasts the Keyscan interface, which includes four V/Oct outputs: two regular outputs and two with adjustable glide. There are also velocity and aftertouch, retrigger, and gate outputs, meaning users can patch the system and keyboard together in both conventional and unconventional ways. 


  • 37-Key Keyboard
  • 104 HP Eurorack Rails
  • 15 WMD/SSF Collaborative Modules
  • 2x Spectrum VCOs
  • Pole-Zero 4-Pole LP VCF
  • 2x ADSRVCAs
  • Amplitude Discrete VCA
  • S.P.O. Scaling Polarizer & Offset
  • Ultrafold Wavefolder
  • Blender 4-CH Mixer/Cross-fader
  • Quad Passive Attenuator
  • Tool-Box Utility Module
  • VCMiniSlew Function Generator
  • Keyscan Interface
  • LVLS Output
  • Buffered Multiple

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  • 104 HP Width Space
  • Power Supply Included
  • 25 Assorted Length Patch Cables Included
  • 37-Key Keyboard

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