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Arpitecht Arpeggiator - 12HP

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Arpitecht Arpeggiator - 12HP

WMD Arpitecht

Arpitecht, from WMD, is a voltage controlled arpeggio generator and quantizer. It is designed to help bring diatonic tuning in to the Eurorack realm, for aid in musical applications of modular synthesizers. 

Melodies created by the Arpitecht can span 8 octaves and follow (or imply) chord changes. Acid basslines can be instantly performed. Even generative sequences can be produced with constant evolving patterns. With the companion module, Triad, it can also generate polyphonic chords. 

The Arpitecht has 16 different scales, with a unique set of "note masks", which allows for hundreds of note combinations, programmable via knobs or with CV control. Also included are 32 rhythmic patterns, as well as 32 slide patterns all controllable via CV. All one needs is a static clock to get evolving harmonic motion. 

Arpitecht Features

  • Voltage controlled Quantizer and Arpeggio Generator.
  • 16 scales
  • Hundreds of note combinations possible
  • Inspiring to creativity and easy to "land" somewhere new
  • 8 octave range
  • Intuitive front panel and "keyboard" LED layout
  • Rhythm and Slide Rhythm options for added variety to your arpeggio

Arpitecht Demo

Chords and Melody With The WMD Arpitecht and Triad from Perfect Circuit Audio on Vimeo.

In this patch, we are using the Arpitecht and Triad as the main pitch controller for four different oscillators, (Make Noise DPO and Sputnik Dual Oscillator), with the main output of the Arpitecht controlling the bass voice, with the three outputs from Triad controlling the "chordal" content. The rhythms are being generated by a 4MS Rotating Clock Divider with random CV patched into the Rotate input, which are triggering four envelopes from the Sputnik Quad Function Generator. The harmonic motion of each of the four oscillators can be easily adjusted by changing the Scale knob, and the Triad's Inversion input is being modulated to adjust the voicings of the triads. All oscillators are then mixed and panned in the Verbos Scan and Pan and sent through the Eos Reverb from Audio Damage, and finally mixed again in the WMD Performance Mixer. 

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 12HP
  • Depth: Skiff Friendly
  • Current Draw: 70mA@+12V, 35mA@-12V

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