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Winter Modular
Eloquencer Sequencer - 38HP

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Item: N13-7313

Eloquencer Sequencer - 38HP

Winter Modular Eloquencer

The Eloquencer, from Winter Modular, is a full blown Eurorack sequencer that is meant to be used both live and as a compositional tool. It allows for a plethora of options when it comes to trigger and pitch sequencing, quantizing, and pattern generation. The concept behind the Eloquencer is inspired heavily by "Controlled Chance," in which randomness can be added to various parameters to increase the variation. The randomness can be dialed in, and can even be turned off if one is looking for looping patterns or steady beats. 

The Eloquencer boasts 8 tracks of CV and Gate signals, each with 16-steps, with the ability to chain patterns together, making the longest loop 256 steps. The controlled chance randomness can be applied to parameters such as CV, Gate, Gate Length, Ratcheting, and others to provide continuously evolving sequences. 
Complete with an OLED screen that provides visual feedback over all parameters, navigating through a few menus is easy and intuitive. 

Eloquencer Features

  • Gate probability independent for each step or track.
  • CV, CV Variation Probability, and CV Variation Range adjustable for each step or track.
  • Gate Length, Gate Length Variation Probability, and Gate Variation Range adjustable for each step or track.
  • Ratcheting Type, Ratcheting Probability, and Ratcheting Variation Probability adjustable for each step or track.
  • Tempo and shuffle adjust
  • CV Outputs quantizable in tone / scale
  • Different step modes ( forward, backward, pendulum, random) independent for each track and pattern.
  • Track length independent for each track and pattern
  • Track shifting independent for each track or a group of tracks.
  • Fill in mode (pressing the track buttons will fill all the gates of the desired tracks).
  • Quantized (time and pitch) Live recording (CVs and Gates)
  • Free play mode (using the step buttons keyboard)
  • And many more. See full documentation here

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 38HP
  • Depth: 3cm
  • Current Draw: 170mA@+12V, 60mA@-12mA

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