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VSR-3.2 Vintage Spring Reverb

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VSR-3.2 Vintage Spring Reverb
VSR-3.2 Vintage Spring Reverb VSR-3.2 Vintage Spring Reverb VSR-3.2 Vintage Spring Reverb


Finally the VSR 3.2 is here! It is the enhanced successor of our VSR–3 - vintage spring reverb. Most of the features, like the AccuBell spring tank (type 9), the TONE control as well as in- and output stages are equal. What we improved is the way EFFECT STOP is working. Compared to its predecessor VSR 3.2 offers the possibility to determine where EFFECT STOP cuts the signal path: PRE or POST the spring tank. In the new PRE mode the input of the spring tank is cut from the signal path, so the reverb’s decay isn’t abruptly stopped when pressing EFFECT STOP and still can fade out.

The Vermona 'VSR-3.2' is a spring reverb device with focus on simplicity and excellent sound. It is the enhanced successor of the Vermona VSR-3 Vintage Spring Reverb.

More than 70 years ago spring reverbs were used for bringing the large reverberated cathedral sounds to the homes of Hammond organ players. Meanwhile the sound became classic and you will find spring reverb devices in most studios around the world and even today it is kinda standard in guitar amplifiers.

The imperfectness is what makes the VSR-3.2 perfect for any kind of audio signal: organs, synthesizers, acoustic and electric guitars, vocals, (electronic) drums, whatever you like... it always adds that clashing and resonant but always musically and warm reverb sound.

Like the ReTubeVerb, the VSR-3.2 uses a spring tank made by specialist Accutronics (Type 9). The reverb signal can be refined by a well-adjusted tone controller and seamlessly added to the unaffected original signal. Simple but effective.

Most of the features, like the AccuBell (Type 9) Spring Tank, the Tone control as well the output stages remain equal to its predecessor.

What has been improved is the way Effect Stop works. Compared to its predecessor VSR-3.2 offers the possibility to determine where Effect Stop cuts the signal path: either PRE or POST spring tank. In the new PRE mode, the input of the spring tank is cut from the signal path so the reverb's decay isn't abruptly stopped when pressing Effect Stop and still can fade out.

Thanks to the well-shielded, internal switching power supply the VSR-3.2 works smoothly on any place in the world. In its 1U rack-housing it not even takes much physical space... but will create much acoustic space.


  • AccuBell Type 9 Spring Tank by Accutronics
  • Tone Control
  • Mix Control
  • Effect Stop with PRE and POST positions in relation to the Spring Tank (PRE mode allows the Reverb's Decay to continue it's fade out)
  • Line Level Input in Front Panel
  • Inputs and Outputs at Rear provide both 0 dBu and -20 dBu Inputs and Outputs
  • Footswitch Input at Rear for Effect Stop

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  • Jack (front)

:  Max. input level: -40dBu

impedance: 1MΩ
  • Jack (rear, A)

:  Max. input level: 0dBu
impedance: 100kΩ
  • Jack rear, B):  Max. input level: -20dBu

impedance: 10kΩ


  • 0 dBu
, 600 Ohm
  • -20 dBu, 600 Ohm


  • Effect: >70dB
  • Direct: >80dB


  • Direct: <0,1%

Product properties

  • Power consumption: 5VA
  • Power Adapter: DC 12V Negative Center (No Longer AC power cord)
  • Power: 90 - 240V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Controller: Gain, Tone, Mix, Output Level
  • Switch: Effect Stop (+ Klinkenbuchse)
  • Housing: 19", 1HE, ca. 190mm tief
  • Weight: 2,6kg

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