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PERfourMER MKII Quad Analog Synth (CV/Gate)

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PERfourMER MKII Quad Analog Synth (CV/Gate)
PERfourMER MKII Quad Analog Synth (CV/Gate) PERfourMER MKII Quad Analog Synth (CV/Gate) PERfourMER MKII Quad Analog Synth (CV/Gate)

Vermona PERfourMER MKII Quad Analog Synth (CV/Gate)

Vermona’s PerFourMer mkII (CV/Gate) is comprised of four monophonic synthesizers that can be combined in various ways to create an array of different sounds. Each “channel” features an analog oscillator with five waveforms and a noise generator that is then sent to the PerFourMer’s 24dB low-pass filter for further processing. From there, the signal travels through the unit’s VCA section, which can be modulated by an onboard LFO or ADSR Envelope Generator. 

Each of the PerFourMer’s channels can be combined via different synchronization modes for literally endless sonic possibilities. There’s also MIDI interface and CV/Gate outputs, so the unit can be used with DAWs, MIDI controllers, or Eurorack modular gear. 

PERfourMER MKII (CV/Gate) Features

  • CV/Gate version adds 1V/octave CV/gate inputs for each synthesizer voice
  • Sound production: analog, subtractive
  • Single output/insert per channel; VCO output and ext. input per channel
  • 6 x different play modes including 2 x monophonic, 2 x duophonic and 2 x polyphonic
  • 24 dB resonant low pass filters
  • External inputs for each individual voice for use as filterbank
  • MIDI input and thru
  • LFO sync to internal or external MIDI clock
  • Individual output per voice and stereo output with pan control
  • Advanced editing menu for even more possibilities


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  • Power:  Main, 240V, 50-60Hz
  • Oscillators:  1 x VCO per channel, wave form: 2 x saw tooth, 2 x square, 2 x pulse; noise, external signal
  • Modulation:  1 x ADSR envelope per channel; 1 x LFO per channel; FM between the synthesizer-channels
  • CV/Gate Inputs for each voice
  • Outputs:  Sum outputs and master inputs; headphone output
  • Controls:  4 x identical synthesizer channels, max 4 voices
  • Dimensions:  19", 5HE; desktop

Customer Reviews

Absolutely Beautiful Analog Richness Review by Mike G
I've owned this approx. 2 months. Check above review for more technical description.

The sound of 4 independent , clean, analog oscillators playing in unison is unparalleled ! Each can be detuned if desired, and warmed up with an excellent Vermona filter per channel ! Each OSC has sine , tri, squ, saw, noise, or external. OSC's 2,3,4 can be sync'd to previous osc /"channel" for insane ( 3 operator ?)FM and effects. Each of the 4 OSC's has its own LFO . Apply this to pitch for subtle vibrato or to SQU wave for PWM "fattening " of each osc .

I particularly like to slightly detune or LFO the PWM on my OSCs and turn the cutoffs low-ish for warm, less buzzy, hypnotic melodic lines or pads, ala BoC . This excels ! Or Sync them and tune to 3rds, 4ths or 5ths for a classic rich 70's solo lead (Heart "Magic Man" 1976) . Dreamy ambiences and pads. Can sound soft, warm or crisp , sharp , w sync or audio rate modulation. Got a "Hoover" sound yesterday w 4 SAWs detuned, tweaked, stereo delayed + rev ; laptoppers will NEVER get it like this !

Just played this LIVE at an event with rather good sound system( e.g. QSC's and bass bins stereo!)- improvised Vermona melodies over filtered/mangled original trip-hop sequences ; OMG there is so much freq range, incredible. Like many synths this really opens up w modest reverb and delay - "f*** yeah !!

I'm still digging into this machine; I've been so satisfied by the rich sound in just MIDI mode 1 (unison). However, it is a 4 voice polyphonic synth; mode change allows independent OSC triggering.

High quality build; lots of knobs- that's why we have hands; superb sound; not heavy; size appropriate for extent of controls ! Trigger with any MIDI key or iPad (5 pin) controller ; CV model allows control via your Eurorack addiction; no USB- so what

I have a number of synths, analog and digital. I do not own a OB"4 voice" but this is probably as close as I'll get. I am VERY satisfied with this new favorite. A very unique and distinct synth voice. May not need that OB after all ! Long live analog hardware ! (Posted on 12/16/15)
Blown Away... Everything I hoped and more... Review by Evan
I purchased the Vermona Perfourmer MKII from PCA earlier this month (6/2015) and it has exceeded every high expectation I had for it. The service and response time from the people at PCA were A+++ and we should all rejoice they stock such lesser known items s/a this.

If you are someone who wants an extremely versatile, very stable, high quality, well built and amazing sounding synth, this is it. No frills, screens, presets or any other garbage getting in the way of total raw control yielding sheer moments of analog joy. I'd say it's just as much of a touring instrument as it should be a stable in any studio.

It gains the same warm fatness as a model D in unison mode while delivering the organic polyphonic majesty of a CS-80 in full poly mode. Four oscillators each with their own filter, envelop, LFO and a host of extremely useful features have me cheering every time I coax another familiar sound out of it. Want to stack those 4 VCOs for one massive model D bark ala Roygbiv? Why of course! Want to turn the beat around and get those warm sparkling Billie Jean / Africa string pads? Coming right up! Percussive funky runs from Stevie's heyday? No problem... If you dream about Model D's, CS-50/80's and 4/8-Voices, you can save a lot of $$$ with this all in one and be just as happy. Just pair this with a high quality midi controller + outboard delay/reverb and prepare to be put into your seat. Not a player? No problem, power it with your DAW or C/V and sequence to your heart's content.

With a midi keyboard, it supports touch response and aftertouch to EACH KEY just like a CS-80. It also juggles the oscillators in polyphonic mode just like a CS-80 and 8-Voice which gives each note it's own subtle organic character that you can control completely. These midi functions are extremely easy to toggle on and off. I love that this is a stereo synth as well so you can pan your oscillators every which way to add dynamics. The raw wave forms just sound f---ing great, BTW.

Whereas CS-80's and 8-Voices supply 2 VCOs per note, the Perfourmer only gives you one (like a CS-50) BUT they are so fat sounding even played solo, I think you'll agree one is all you need. You can also send each raw VCO to any modular gear you might have if you want something other than what Vermona has given you. The Perfourmer also allows you to bring signals in so in addition to a mono/poly synth you have a quad filter bank! Versatility doesn't even begin to describe what the Perfourmer can do. I've personally only scratched the surface but you'd better believe I'll be running drums through it before too long.

I could keep going on but it's real simply: If you're an audiophile obsessed with precise controls that yield vibrant organic analog sounds. If you want a synth that does both mono any poly well with extreme stability, sound quality and build quality. If you've scared more than a few friends out of your studio explaining the finer points of analog synthesis, then this was made for you.... (Posted on 6/15/15)

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