1U Dual Attenuator / Mixer - 26HP

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1U Dual Attenuator / Mixer - 26HP


NOTE: This 1U module is only compatible with Pulp Logic, Synthrotek or Vermona 1U cases. It is not compatible with Intellijel 1U cases.

This 1U module has two attenuators that each output the signal attenuated as well as an inverted version of the attenuated signal. The module can also be used as a two channel mixer as the two attenuators sum is output as well as the second subtracted from the first.


  • Two attenuators
  • 1U eurorack module
  • Each outputs the attenuated signal as well as the inverse of the attenuated signal
  • Outputs for attenuator 1 + attenuator 2 as well as 1-2
  • +5V normalled to the attenuator input with no jack connected

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  • 1U Eurorack Module
  • Width: 26HP
  • Depth: TBA
  • Current Draw: TBA

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