DRM1 MKIII Standard Analog Drum Machine

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DRM1 MKIII Standard Analog Drum Machine
DRM1 MKIII Standard Analog Drum Machine DRM1 MKIII Standard Analog Drum Machine


The DRM1 MKIII from Vermona is a highly versatile eight voice analog drum synthesizer. Each voice contains 9 controls to adjust the envelope, pitch, pitch envelope, volume, and panning of each drum voice. These controls allow the DRM1 to shift thru styles of music, fulfilling any role within the studio. Each drum sound can be mixed with their volume controls, which is then fed to the Stereo output. The DRM1 can be controlled via MIDI input, with each of the eight voices being triggered by each MIDI track. It can also be played by the onboard trigger buttons. No other analog drum synthesizer contains the versatility that the DRM1 MKIII provides.


  • KICK :  Mainly but not only for making big and fat kick drums
  • DRUM1/DRUM2 :  Very flexible instruments that can generate kick- and tom sounds a s well as bongos. Anything from zapp to bling and fantastic PIUU...
  • MULTI :  Three oscillators can be detuned and gives you nice cowbell-like sounds. If you like submarines you can create a nice sonar ping
  • SNARE :  What can we say about that? Well, you get what you expect
  • Hi Hat1 and Hi Hat2 :  That's analogue (heavy- or soft-) metal
  • CLAP :  Classic analogue hand claps


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  • 72 Front Panel Controls
  • 8 Channels of True Analog Sound with MIDI
  • Blue LED's flash when channel is triggered
  • 2 High hats / Cymbals
  • Individual Channel Outputs
  • Individual Outputs can be used as Inserts
  • Built-in power supply (no wall wart!)
  • On/Off Switch
  • No crosstalk between channels
  • Stereo and Headphone Output
  • Standard 19" rack width / 5u Height

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