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Vermona ’14 Analogsynthesizer

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Vermona '14 Analogsynthesizer

The '14 Analogsynthesizer is an immeasurably classy, elegant monosynth for any musician seeking powerful tone and playability. Perfect for a variety of clean, punchy lead and bass sounds and beyond, the '14 offers direct hands-on control of all parameters and all times.

With circuits adapted from the PERfourMER MKII and Mono Lancet ’15, the '14 was built with stability and musicality in mind, with special attention given to approachability and stellar sound quality. The '14 Analogsynthesizer is a classic subtractive synth: a beefy lowpass filter shapes the sound of the two powerful analog oscillators. Like Vermona's other analog synth options, the sound is markedly warm and round, demanding attention and adapting smoothly to a variety of genres.

'14 Analogsynthesizer Features

  • Playable analog keyboard synth built like a tank
  • Modern classic circuits derived from Perfourmer and Mono Lancet
  • Includes Sustain-pedal, dust cover, and microfiber cloth
  • Classy blue color scheme

Product Specs:
Monophonic Analog Synthesizer 
Dimensions: about 77 cm x 31 cm x 15 cm (width x depth x height)
Weight: 6.5 kg

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