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Variatic Erumption Dual Burst Generator

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Variatic Erumption Dual Burst Generator

Variatic - about changing - from Latin varius 'changing' with suffix -ic 'pertaining to'

Erumption - explode - from Latin erump 'to explode'"Changing explosion"

Variatic Erumption is a dual-burst generator. When triggered, it produces acontrollable sequence of gates synchronized to a LFO. A 1v/8va LFO isincluded. Any external LFO/clock may optionally be used. Bursts can beterminated early with the choke. Burst length can be controlled as well as thepattern used for the burst.

Variatic Erumption’s patterns are based off of the bit-reversed concatenation oftwo 16-bit prime numbers. Prime numbers are always odd so in binary the lowestbit is always set. Reversing these will always generate a pattern who’s first beat is set. Note the first two patterns are not prime as they are all bits set since this is themost simple burst pattern.


  • Dual Burst Generator
  • Built in LFO
  • One gate to burst gates
  • 1v/Oct input for LFO
  • Pattern knob for burst variance 
  • Control Voltage input for each knob

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 10 HP
  • Depth: .8 Inches
  • Current Draw: 50mA @ +12V, 5mA @ -12V

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