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Twisted Electrons
AY3-8912 Vintage Computer Synthesizer - 8HP

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Item: N13-5597

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AY3-8912 Vintage Computer Synthesizer - 8HP


The AY3-8912 is a stripped down eurorack version of the AY3 MKII 8 bit synthesizer. The module gets is characteristic sound from an AY3-8912 chip originally found in things like the Intellivision, Atari ST and lots of classic arcade games from the 1980's. The AY3-8912 module has two oscillators, an arpeggiator, and robust CV control. The spread knob separates the two oscillators in pitch by up to an octave, while the arp knob controls the depth of the arpeggiation back and fourth between the two oscillators, and near the end of the range of the spread knob, there are 3 different arpeggiator chords to choose from.


  • AY-3-8912 chip
  • 2 square oscillators
  • Arpeggiator with 3 arp chords
  • Tuned noise osc
  • Dual function trigger, pitch and output
  • Noise gate pitch and output
  • Tune knob with 1 octave range
  • Spread knob for osc 1 and 2
  • Noise Pitch knob

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  • Trigger inputs: 5V pulse
  • V/oct & Pitch Inputs: 0-5v DC Positive
  • Outputs: +/-5V (10v peak to peak)
  • Unit includes 16pin power cable and screws
  • 8HP
  • 2mm deep

5V external mode:

  • 5V: 74mA
  • 12V: 7mA
  • -12V: 7mA

5V internal mode:

  • 12V: 80mA
  • -12V: 7mA

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