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Tsyklon Labs Chaos Divider HV Clock Modulator

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Tsyklon Labs Chaos Divider HV

The Tsyklon Labs Chaos Divider features nine clock division modes, complete with several options for internal clock manipulation and a glowing Nixie tube.

Each of the unit’s clock division modes offer different forms of algorithmic clock divisions, including division based on definable factors, divisions based on Fibonacci numbers, prime-only divisions, and chaotic division. When in chaos mode, the clock dividers change randomly in accordance with a predetermined range as defined via the Interval and Intensity controls.

Chaos Divider Features

  • Flexible and playable algorithmic clock divider with nine simultaneous outputs
  • Nine division modes for varied clock manipulation behavior (including CHAOS)
  • Slip/clock delay controllable via Intensity, Interval, and respective CV inputs
  • Awesome Nixie tube display for current mode
  • Front panel switch for selecting normal or inverted gate behavior
  • Panel Width: 12HP
  • Max Depth: 51 mm / 2 in
  • Current draw: +165mA / -0mA
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