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Tsyklon Labs
Chaos Divider HV Clock Modulator - 12HP

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Item: N13-5884

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Chaos Divider HV Clock Modulator - 12HP


With nine selectable clock division modes, several schemes of internal clock alteration, a glowing Nixie tube, and a healthy dose of chaos, the Tsyklon Labs Chaos Divider HV is a clock modulator for the people.

The nine clock divison modes allow for vastly different means of algorithmic clock division, including division by definable factors, complex divisions based on the Fibonacci series, prime-only divisions, and, of course: chaotic division. With chaos mode selected, clock divisors change randomly within a range defined by the Interval and Intensity controls.

When in any of the other divisor modes, Interval and Intensity control the amount of slip introduced at each clock output as well as the variance in slip from one output to the next.

CV inputs are provided for division Mode, Intensity, and Interval. Gate/trigger inputs are provided for clock in (of course) and division reset (for which there is also a built-in manual control).

For especially fine control, the output range of the pulses can be adjusted between 5-10VDC via behind-the-panel trimpot. Tsyklon has also produced the Chaos Divider Sputnik, a companion/expander module that makes the Chaos Divider HV even more flexible and playable.


  • Flexible and playable algorithmic clock divider with nine simultaneous outputs
  • Nine division modes for varied clock manipulation behavior (including CHAOS)
  • Slip/clock delay controllable via Intensity, Interval, and respective CV inputs
  • Awesome Nixie tube display for current mode
  • Front panel switch for selecting normal or inverted gate behavior

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  • Panel Width: 12HP
  • Max Depth: 51 mm / 2 in
  • Current draw: +165mA / -0mA

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