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Tsyklon Labs
CD Sputnik Chaos Divider Expander - 4HP

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Item: N13-5885

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CD Sputnik Chaos Divider Expander - 4HP


The Tsyklon CD Sputnik is an companion/expander for the Chaos Divider clock manipulator. The CD Sputnik makes an excellent companion to the Chaos Divider, providing access to functions otherwise impossible to achieve with the Chaos Divider alone.

The CD Sputnik allows the user to select whether the Chaos Divider provides triggers or gates and allows for continuous control of gate duty cycle. The "split" switch allows the user to turn the Chaos Divider into a 4 channel and 5 channel dual divider rather than a single 9 channel divider.

And perhaps one of the most interesting functions of the CD Sputnik: the "division" switch allows the Chaos Divider to work at much higher frequencies, turning it into a remarkably flexible and unique audio frequency divider. This makes it possible to use the Chaos Divider to create peculiar chords with controllable fluctiation and voicing, each voice available at its respective clock division output.

The CD Sputnik makes even more of an already feature-laden module. The CD Sputnik is ready to bring even more power to the people.


  • Expander for Tsyklon Chaos Divider
  • Allows Chaos Divider to act as an audio frequency divider
  • Can split Chaos Divider into one 4-channel and one 5-channel clock divider
  • Allows Chaos Divider to output either trigger OR gate signals
  • Allows control of gate length for Chaos Divider

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  • Panel Width: 4hp
  • Max depth: 29 mm / 1.15 in
  • Current draw: passive

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