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Transistor Sounds Labs
Stepper Acid Sequencer - 32HP

Item: N13-4562

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Stepper Acid Sequencer - 32HP


The Transistor Sounds Labs ‘Stepper Acid’ is a digitally controlled 16-step Eurorack step sequencer module designed by and for musicians with live performance in mind. Stepper Acid was born out of Transistor Sounds Labs’ need for a modern step sequencer.

Each note entered into the sequencer can have a gate signal, an accent, and a slide. Also users can uses the octave buttons to make the pitch higher or lower in octave range. To toggle between steps there is a Forward button and a Back button. To start/stop the sequence there is a RUN/STOP button. When a particular step is at rest within a sequence, the step can still have a pitch, accent, and slide just like regular notes. This feature is intended for creative exploitation.

Aside from Step Edit, users can also edit patterns during Pattern Play. All patterns can be anywhere between one and sixteen steps in length and a total of 40 patterns are available for the user to fill.

The Stepper Acid builds on classic acid sequencing concepts but adds to the arsenal with tools such as Nudge. The Nudge button allow users to nudge notes back and forth, and up and down. Users can Nudge whole patterns to the Left or to the Right as many steps as wanted, and users can also Nudge whole patterns up and down to obtain transposition.

Since Stepper Acid was designed with live performance in mind, most of its features can be used while it is playing sequences. In addition Transistor Sounds Labs has designed a special “Detached” mode that makes live playing even better. Put simply, the Detach function lets users keep one pattern (or song) playing while the user goes about step sequencing another pattern, or preparing a chain of patterns in song mode.

Stepper Acid has both Internal Clock and an option to input External Clock. Clock Resolution when using External Clock can be adjusted to adapt to different PPQN values from various vintage drum machines and sequencers. Stepper Acid applies swing to clock after the clock signal while generating or faithfully relaying steady clock ticks. This has the added bonus of allowing different instruments playing together to have different amounts of swing at the same time. Stepper Acid’s swing is dependent on the clock resolution. The higher the resolution, the smoother the transition to and from maximum swing. As many Stepper Acids can be chained together utilizing the Sync Outputs! 


  • 16-Step Digitally Controlled Eurorack Step Sequencer Module
  • Designed by and for Musicians with Live Performance in Mind
  • Classic Acid Synthesizer Inspired Step Sequencing
  • Adjustable Pattern Length from 1 to 16
  • Adjustable Analog Slide
  • Song Mode for Pattern Chaining
  • Stores up to 40 Patterns
  • Detach Mode for playing one pattern while entering another
  • 0-5V Range CV (5 Octaves)
  • Gate and Accent Output — 5V or 12V Selectable
  • Variable Swing Function
  • Dual MicroController Design
  • Adjustable Clock Sync Input and Output — Includes: 24PPQN (Sync24), 48PPQN, 96PPQN, and 4PPQN (one note per pulse)
  • External Clock Button and LED Indication
  • Tempo Button and LED Indication
  • Swing Button and LED Indication
  • Pattern Button and LED Indication
  • Song Button and LED Indication
  • Encorder/Select Knob
  • Sync Output — RUN/STOP, CLOCK
  • Sync Input — RUN/STOP, CLOCK
  • Note Output — CV, GATE, ACCENT
  • 16 Step LED Indication
  • Pattern NUDGE Buttons — Left and Right
  • Note Nudge Buttons — Up and Down
  • Sequence Length Minus and Plus Buttons
  • Single Octave Keyboard Note Buttons with LED Indication
  • Note OCTAVE Up and Down buttons with LED Indication (-2 to +2)
  • Note Attribute Buttons and LED Indication — GATE, ACCENT, SLIDE
  • Clear Button
  • Save Button with LED Indication
  • Copy Button with LED Indication
  • Live Mode — Detach Button with LED Indication, Mute Note Button with LED Indication, and Mute Bar Button with LED Indication
  • RUN/STOP Button with LED Indication
  • Assembled in the UK

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 32 HP Width
  • 32mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 100mA @ +12V

Customer Reviews

Incredible live sequencer Review by Xssory
For anybody who owns and enjoys a Circadian Rhythm - this is the CV sequencer for you. Super direct and fast interface - plus the nudge function is genius for adding variation to your performance. Highly recommended! (Posted on 9/3/16)

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