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Sport Modulator Dual Lag & Hold - 12HP

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Sport Modulator Dual Lag & Hold - 12HP


The Sport Modulator integrates the concept of a "sample" or "track and hold" unit with that of a "lag processor" into a versatile amalgamation of the two, capable of performing both functions simultaneously. The unique concept and dual identical sections leave the Sport Modulator in a class of it's own, a true MVP!

The workings of the module are best described by reviewing the front panel:

Input: Will accept any signal within +/-12V range

End Out: Gate output that is normally high. When the input approaches the slew limit (set by the initial control and CV) the gate will become active, going low on falling action and returning high when the output "catches up" with the input source. Output range is around 0-5V. In S/H mode, the operation can be seen as comparing an input signal with previously held value.

S/H Input: Control input. Any signal that exceeds the threshold (set around 1.25V) will cause the output to either:

  • A. Hold it's value until the S/H control goes low again, or acquire a new sample according to slew limit (in L/H mode).
  • B. Acquire a new sample according to slew limit (in S/H mode).

Mode switch: Switches between lag and hold or sample and hold modes. In S/H mode the yellow LED will be lit.

Cycle switch: Pressing this switch causes triangle like oscillation at the output. In this mode the input signal is ignored.

Signal LED: Normally, the red signal LED monitors the outputs action in the 0 to positive range (dark at 0V). When put in cycle mode, the LED will indicate a bipolar swing (dark at negative end of swing)

Middle jack: The unlabeled jack in the middle compares the top and bottom sections. If the top section is more positive than the bottom, the output goes high. The output range is around +/-5V.

Some possible functions

Sample and Hold: Each section can be used as a sample and hold with variable slew-limiting by pressing the MODE switch [the LED will light] use the IN for the voltage to be sampled and S/H input as the sample control.

Lag Processor: Each section can perform the duties of a linear lag-processor (great for portamento and CV processing) by use of the external input. The slew limit is set by the manual control and CV. With the Sport Modulator, it's possible to get a nonlinear response by feeding the ouput back into the VC in.

VCLFO/Clock: Each section essentially becomes a wide-range VCLFO when the Cycle switch is pressed. Cycle mode takes priority over an external input, if present. If the section is in LAG mode, a bipolar linear triangle wave is available at the ouput jack. A square wave is present at the end output with an output range of approximately 0-5V. The S/H input can be used to "freeze" the LFO at any point in it's cycle. In hold mode synchronized staircase waveforms with controllable step-size can be generated with an external sample control signal. It's possible to obtain a variable-skew sawtooth wave from the output by patching end into the VC input, and adjusting the level control.


  • A unique combination of VC Lag and Sample & Hold Circuits
  • Two identical independent sections
  • Comparison output
  • Multiple modes

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  • Eurorack module
  • 12 HP Wide
  • Less than 1 1/2" deep
  • +/-12V: Less than 30mA current consumption

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