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Quantimator Quantizer - 8HP

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Quantimator Quantizer - 8HP


Versatile quantizer - chords, scales, apreggios, and more!

1st in a series of conceptual/electronic collaborations between Bret Truchan and Toppobrillo is a multifunctional quantizer concept designed to derive a trio of interrelated and musically useful CVs from a single control source. There are 2 distinct modes of operation- a Chord mode and a Scale mode.

In "chord mode" a control source [sequencer, etc] is quantized to the nearest semitone value [1/12V] within a 5 octave range. 2 other control values are generated according to chord type to form a 'chord' [available at outs 2 and 3] when used with multiple 1V/OCT VCOs..the Hold input will cause the outputs to hold their value when high-triggers received in this state will "rotate" the outputs arpeggio style! There are 32 chord types available in any key.

In "scale mode" an input is quantized according to the selected scale. Values are passed down the line ["Analog" Shift Register style] with each trigger [1 to 2, 2 to 3..] when Hold is initiated, no new values are acquired and the data in memory will be continually looped to the 3 outputs with each trigger. there are 32 scales available in 2 banks of 16. bank and mode are indicated in the 7-segment LEDs decimal places.

Front Panel Overview

Mode switch: Switches between 'chord' and 'scale' modes

Transpose knob: Transposes up to 12 quantized semitones in either mode

Transpose input: Transpose up to 5 octaves by semitone in either mode

Chord/Scale knob: Selects chord/scale type, there are 32 in each mode

Chord/Scale input/knob: Voltage control select of type with attenuator

Input: Incoming voltage to be quantized over 5V range 7-seg LED display- indicate chord/scale type [see charts to right] and mode of operation. the "BNK" decimal is lit from memory locations 17-32 with the characters 0-F repeating. the left-side decimal is lit when in scale mode

Hold input: Used alone, latches outputs indefinitely when any external signal ~+1.5V is applied. used alone, LEDs will display an "H" when hold is active

Trig input: The trigger input is normalled to let the quantimator know when this input is in use or not. It's basic purpose is to syncronize quantization with external sources; ie trigger bus on a sequencer. when the input is not used, the quantimator is continually updating and responds to changes at all CV ins and knob turns. When used, the inputs are read only when a trigger is received. This can be any source rising to at least ~+1.5V

Outs 1-3: 1V/oct quantized control outputs to control stuff. Output range is 0-5V [5 octaves]. Note CV INS/OUTS are active in the 0-5V range, but don't be afraid!

Arpeggio function in Chord mode: When the HOLD input is high, use of the TRIG input "rotates" the outputs, in the direction of 1 to 3. the LEDs will display a rotating animation that moves in time with incoming triggers. All ins/ controls will be updated with each trigger, so it's possible to transpose/ change chords etc in arpeggio.

"Analog shift register" function in Scale mode: When the trigger input is used in scale mode, the quantized note values are passed along the outputs shift register style [at each trigger] for cascading, arabesque musical patterns among multiple voices. a high at the HOLD in "closes the loop" and retains the last 3 notes in memory. Further triggers received will loop these 3 notes sequentially until HOLD returns low to allow new input data.


  • Chord quantizer
  • Scale quantizer
  • Arpeggiator
  • Analog shift register function
  • Transposable

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  • Eurorack module
  • 8 HP wide
  • 45 mm deep
  • +/-12V: 30 mA current draw

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