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Z-DSP Spring Waves Card

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Z-DSP Spring Waves Card


TipTop's Spring Waves is perhaps the most peculiar card for the Z-DSP: a new implementation of waveguide and physical modeling synthesis in Eurorack format. Spring Waves can be thought of as a collection of unique resonators to be excited from external impulses or continuous audio.

Several monophonic and polyphonic waveguide programs with controllable pitch and dampening produce sounds similar to struck strings when provided an impulse. Each program handles control of pitch and polyphonic pitch spread somewhat differently, so consult the manual when learning how it works! This can make everything from dampened string sounds to peculiar resonating clusters and more.

The last two card programs are based on physical modeling of a suspended spring with a weight on one end. Inputs allow the user to alter the point from which the spring is suspended and the amount of force applied to the weight on the opposite end of the spring. The result is a peculiar resonator that responds to external excitation the same way the weighted spring would: allowing strange forms of filtering, harmonic generation, and far more.

Bringing some of the most interesting recent trends in digital synthesis to Eurorack format, Spring Waves breaches new territory in modular hardware. Exciting sounds are sure to spring to life.


  • Six waveguide algorithms for advanced Karplus-Strong techniques
  • Unique Double Waveguide offers two independently pitched waveguides with interrelated feedback lines
  • Two polyphonic modes offer chord generation from external impulses
  • Two unique physical spring models for peculiar waveshaping and excitation techniques

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  • Compatible with TipTop Audio Z-DSP module

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