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Tiptop Audio
Z8000 Matrix Sequencer - 28HP

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Item: N13-4819

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Z8000 Matrix Sequencer - 28HP

Tiptop Audio Z8000 Matrix Sequencer

The Tiptop Audio Z8000 features 16 knobs accessible to 10 sequencers, each featuring its own clock, direction, and reset inputs. The module features eight 4-step CV sequencers and two 16-step CV sequencers. 

The Z8000 allows users to polyrhythmically modulate desired parameters, with a single knob affecting all 10 CV outputs. Think of the Z8000 an open-ended wholly modular sequencer that’s perfect for the Eurorack environment.  

Z8000 Matrix Sequencer Features

  • Tiptop Audio Z8000 Matrix Sequencer
  • 10 Sequencers each with their own Clock, Direction, and Reset Inputs
  • The 10 Sequencers are as follows: Four 4-step CV sequencers on the horizontal, Four 4-step CV sequencers on the vertical, One 16-step CV sequencer on the horizontal, One 16-step CV sequencer on the vertical
  • Clock Inputs can be driven at audio rates
  • Conceptually and Functionally Modular Sequencer
  • Allows users to create custom sequencing environments to fit individual needs
  • Controls: 16-Knob Matrix
  • Clock Inputs: 1/2/3/4/A/B/C/D/16H/16V
  • Direction Inputs: 1/2/3/4/A/B/C/D/16H/16V
  • Reset Inputs: 1/2/3/4/A/B/C/D/16H/16V
  • CV Outputs: 1/2/3/4/A/B/C/D/16H/16V
  • Clock/Reset/Direction Minimum Voltage: 2V
  • CV Output Range: 0-10V
  • Sequencer Type 4x4 H/V: Hybrid Analog/Digital
  • Sequencer Type 1x16 H/V: Analog

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 28 HP Width
  • 59mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 70mA @ ±12V (or ±15V *some slight variation in control range may occur at ±15V usage)

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