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Z-DSP Valhalla Shimmer Reverb Card

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Z-DSP Valhalla Shimmer Reverb Card
Z-DSP Valhalla Shimmer Reverb Card Z-DSP Valhalla Shimmer Reverb Card


The Valhalla Shimmer card is a versatile reverb DSP card designed specifically for the Tiptop Audio ZDSP module. Made by the masters of digital reverb Valhalla DSP, this card features 8 completely original algorithms made to combine luscious reverbs with multiple voices of pitch shifting for a myriad of options ranging from standard room reverbs all the way to drenched alien landscapes and etherial ghostlike clouds of drippiness. This card is perfect for adding some diverse, rich reverb to any electronic track.


  • Fast Shimmer: A modulated reverb that quickly decays into endless pitch shifting tail
  • Slow Shimmer: Similar to Fast Shimmer, but with a much slower attack
  • Dual Shimmer: Two pitch shifted voices, embedded in a larger modulated reverb network, shifting the reverb decay in both positive and negative directions
  • Triple Shimmer: Two pitch shifted voices embedded in the reverb decay network, plus a third voice external to the network
  • Quad Shimmer: Four pitch shifted voices feeding into a lush modulated reverb
  • ClusterVerb: Four pitch shifted voices embedded within the feedback network of a modulated reverb
  • Quad Detune: 4 short pitch shifted delays, feeding back on each other. A variety of chorus, detuned, and dissonant effects can be obtained through this mode
  • PitchEcho: A single pitch shifting voice, combined with a tape echo emulation = sound mangling joy

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  • Reverb card for Tiptop Audio ZDSP Module

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