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Tiptop Audio QuantiZer

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Tiptop QuantiZer

Tiptop Audio presents QuantiZer, a melody generation module that mobilizes modern electronics in tandem with DSP for the precise tuning of analog VCOs. A quick glance at the front panel reveals that the module is packed with dense functionality, making it both playable and powerful. QuantiZer's slider can be configured to "play" notes, transpose within a single or five octave range, and impart portamento. There's also a 12-note keyboard that can be configured for manual playback, transposition, adding and subtracting notes, and a host of other useful functions.

Integrated major and minor key designations give users the ability to switch scales on the fly, with an overt emphasis on playability. This makes meaningful musical progressions a synch. Additionally, the module features 24 user-customizable scales and a "sketch pad" for recording and playing back manually-entered keys and slider movements in synchronization with an external clock and/or reset signal. This works particularly handily with SyncBus, as it chains the module's recording capabilities to the Circadian Rhythms for advanced recording and playback.

QuantiZer Features

  • Voltage Quantizer
  • Multifunction Slider
  • 12-note keyboard button array for note selection
  • 24 user scales ready to define
  • Scale CV can control transposition or scales
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 43mm
  • Current Draw: 60mA@+12v, 5mA@-12v
Product Demo Videos
Tiptop Audio Quantizer
The Tiptop Audio Quantizer is quantizing the sequence from the DU-Seq to changing scales with a note offset added with the slider. The synth is made of the AQA UP73R-VCO, Z2040 VCF, ALM Pip Slope and it is run through the WMD DPLR delay.
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