Theta Modulation Generator

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Theta Modulation Generator


Dreadbox's new Eurorack modular line is a bold and fresh new set of fully modular, eye catching modules with many tricks hidden up their sleeves. The Theta module is a dual LFO with built in Sample and Hold and Clock Source. The LFOs can be switched from Triangle waves to Square waves via a toggle switch, and their frequencies can be changed with the large Rate knobs. Both LFOs have frequency CV inputs with depth amount knobs. 

The Sample and hold section has a built in Noise Source that is auto-patched into the Sample input unless an external patch cable is patched into it. An output level knob controls the overall volume of the Sample and Hold output. The clock generator can be used in conjunction with the Sample and Hold as it's Gate or Trigger source. It has a variable rate knob as well as a tap tempo option for synchronizing the clock to other Gates. The Pulse Width can be changed from very short impulse triggers to long sustained gates. This is the ultimate modulation module for your synth, no wonder the letter Theta is used to define a special function of several complex variables. 


  • Simple Dual LFO
  • Square and Triangle waveshapes
  • CV inputs for frequency modulation
  • Sample & Hold
  • White Noise Generator
  • Auto Gate generator (Clock with variable PW and Tap Tempo)

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 20HP
  • Depth: < 1"
  • Current Draw: TBA

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