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Thermionic Culture Nightingale 2 Dual Mic Pre With EQ + Mono Compressor

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Thermionic Culture Nightingale 2

Thermionic Culture’s Nightingale is a microphone preamp, EQ, and mono compressor inspired by that classic Phoenix design. It features two preamps, with the ability to combine EQ and compression in three different modes via the summing section.

Two Nightingales can be used in tandem for stereo compression, or a single unit can be used for mono duties. Its two preamps feature switched input level controls for amplifying mic/level signals or extracting DI signals via the corresponding front panel inputs. Additionally, the unit’s EQ section is based on the design found in Thermionic Earlybird 2 and Rooster devices, while its compressor is inspired by that found in the Phoenix. However, this later features differs from its predecessor in terms valve choice and transformers—the Nightingale’s have been selected with the specific intention of imparting more gain.

While the unit was intended for live use, particularly with applications necessitating the blending of two vocalists, it works great for an array of different duties, and lends itself particularly well to drum production.

Nightingale 2 Features

  • 2 channel mic amp/equaliser and mono compressor
  • Small and portable with above multi functions, making it also valuable for stage use
  • Rack available to accommodate 2 units, or perhaps a Freebird
  • Stepped / Indented gain controls
  • Large easy to read controls for all functions
  • Musical sounding eqs based on the award winning Rooster and Earlybird 2
  • High pass filters
  • Phase reverse switches on each mic. amp
  • 48v Phantom Power
  • Both mic. amps can be used individually and summed to the compressor
  • The 'Compressor' is based around the Phoenix but has a bit more 'bite
  • Great for Vocals, Drums etc
  • All Valve signal path and side chain
  • Hand made in England
  • Input Impedance: Mic Lo: 600Ω, Mic Hi: 1200Ω, Line: 10kΩ
  • Output Impedance: Preamps A & B: <400Ω, Compressor: <600Ω
  • Distortion (1kHz): Preamps A & B: 0.1%, Compressor: 0.02% (Increases with compression to a typical figure of 0.2% with 6dB compression.)
  • Frequency Response +0/-1 dB: Preamps A & B: <10-35kHz, Compressor: 13-80kHz
  • Total Noise (unweighted 30kHz filter) below MOL: Preamps A & B: 103dB, Compressor: 105dB
  • Max Gain: Preamps A & B: 34dB, Compressor: 28dB
  • Other Specifications: MOL (into 10k?): +26dBu, Phantom Power: +48V
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