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The Harvestman
Stillson Hammer MKII Sequencer 32HP

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Stillson Hammer MKII Sequencer 32HP

Stillson Hammer MK2

From the darkest depths of Industrial Music Electronics (formerly known as The Harvestman) comes the raunchiest performance sequencer in the eurorack modular synth format! Welcome to the Stillson Hammer mk2, a 32hp performance sequencer as unabashedly evil as its $666 price tag!

This juggernaut contains four CV and four gate outputs, each with a full 16 steps capable of individual length per track! Additionally, the sequencer's step repeat allows users to set the value and rate of each repetition. Polyrhythmic madness, anyone?

Make no mistake, with the Stillson Hammer mk2 the devil is truly in the details. The unit boasts 32 non-volatile memory locations, enabling easy storage and recall of user settings. Two assignable CV inputs allow for the modulation of various parameters, but things get especially evil with per step programmable modulation intensity! What's more, the Stillson Hammer's clock generator can be externally synced. Talk about wicked variations!

Stillson Hammer MK2 Features

Each of the 4 tracks features:

  • 1 V/Oct Calibrated CV Output
  • 1 Gate Output
  • Quantizer Scale (off, 12-tone, roots and fifths, maj/min triads, sixths and sevenths, plus all seven modes with selectable roots!
  • Adjustable track length
  • Mute capability

Per Step Parameters:

  • CV = 0-8V at full scale, 0-5V, or user-selectable 2-octave ranges
  • Adjustable Slide/Portamento
  • Gate offset/delay
  • Burst rate and per step repetition

Stillson Hammer MKII Video

The Harvestman Stillson Hammer mk II Demo from Perfect Circuit Audio on Vimeo.

In this video we use the Harvestman Stillson Hammer MKII to control a single sound source, using all 4 tracks of the sequencer to modulate timing, pitch and a variety of other timbral parameters. For the voice we use Synthesis Technology’s E350 Morphing Terrarium wavetable oscillator into the WMD Aperture and Tiptop z2040 filters, with envelopes triggered by the Stillson Hammer MKII and shapes modulating the filters and other parameters. Track 1 is used for standard pitch and rhythmic sequencing to create the initial musical theme. The ratcheting function of this module is used in our sequence to generate fast rolls and repeats. From there we utilize each separate track of the Stillson Hammer MKII to voltage control the morph inputs on the oscillator, and trigger additional envelopes which modulate filter parameters. Muting/unmuting each track gives us a significant shift in sonic character. In addition to the sequences programmed, a Batumi is used to send sine wave LFOs to the modulation input of the sequencer. Each track can have different Assignable Controls on the CV in, and each of our sequences has sine waves modulating various parameters like CV, Gate, Delay, Slide, etc. We love how the Stillson Hammer can generate multiple musical lines at once, or be used as a powerful modulation source.

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 32HP
  • Depth: Skiff Friendly
  • Current Draw: 200mA@+12V, 50mA@-12V

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