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Polivoks Voltage Controlled Filter - 10HP

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Polivoks Voltage Controlled Filter - 10HP


The Polivoks VCF is an authentic adaptation of the classic Soviet 2-pole analog filter circuit. Done with the blessing of its original designer, Vladimir Kuzmin (royalties paid!), this device uses no capacitors in the filter core and original NOS Soviet op-amps for maximum signal flow authenticity.  This filter features simultaneous low- and band-pass outputs, a 2-input mixer, bipolar CV multiplier, and an extraordinarily unstable resonance characteristic.

First released in 1982, the Polivoks was the first Soviet synthesizer design under full voltage control.  Noted by Western synthesizer enthusiasts for its raw and aggressive sound, the Polivoks filter circuit is easily overdriven, rough in sonic character, and unique among all other musically adapted filter designs.

Watch your signal mix levels! There is a “sweet spot” where the instability of the filter resonance is very interesting. Below this zone, the self-oscillation is much simpler, and above it, it is absent. Experiment to find a mix setting that is right for your sound.

The manual cutoff control is scaled for maximum playability. You may find that settings outside of the knobʼs range may be useful to you, so you may extend its range by applying external control voltages


  • Made in cooperation with Vladimir Kuzmin
  • Manual and voltage-controlled cutoff frequency
  • Manual control of resonance
  • Bipolar CV input multiplier
  • 2-input signal mixer (easily overdrives filter)
  • Low- and bandpass outputs
  • Unstable and chaotic resonance
  • Original Soviet integrated circuits - no capacitors used in the core!

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 10HP
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current Draw: 10mA @ +/-12V

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