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Synthesis Technology
E340 Cloud Generator Oscillator Bank - 14HP

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E340 Cloud Generator Oscillator Bank - 14HP

Synthesis Technology E340 Cloud Generator Oscillator Bank

The E340 from Synthesis Technology features eight sine and sawtooth VCOs and powerful modulation capabilities. The E340 is essentially a two-output wavetable VCO that is capable of generating sixteen waveforms simultaneously. The E340 eliminates many of the problems associated with multi-oscillator setups, allowing users to achieve dense, powerful tones that would traditionally, require multiple detuned oscillators, mults, mixers, and patch cables, not to mention individual tuning and tracking care. With its Spread and Chaos controls completely counterclockwise, the E340 acts like a traditional analog VCO, albeit with a sine wave rather than a sawtooth. 

The Chaos and Chaos bandwidth controls are unique to the E340. After users find a desirable detuning setting via the Spread knob, they can animate their creation using the Chaos knob and corresponding CV input. The Chaos parameter jerks each VCOs pitch, with the Chaos BW control governing the speed of the overall process. At more gradual rates, this sounds very similar to a slow-speed Leslie effect. At higher levels, it produces the famous Robert Rich-style “swarming of the bees” effect. But the timbral possibilities do not stop there. The E340 is also particularly well-suited for fat analog basslines and JP8000 supersaw-style leads.

E340 Features

  • Course and Fine oscillator frequency controls
  • FM amount control knob for frequency modulation
  • Spread control over the range of oscillator frequencies. High spread level adds more space between each frequency. 
  • Chaos and Chaos Bandwidth controls for adding wiggle/wobble to steady oscillators for fatter textures. 
  • Toggle switch between 2, 4, and 8 mixed oscillators for density control. 
  • CV inputs for each control. 
  • Two outputs, one for Sine waves, one for Saw waves.

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  • 14 HP
  • +12V @ 55mA ; -12V @ 25mA
  • Depth: 1.85 inches ; 47mm

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