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Echobox Modulated Delay

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Echobox Modulated Delay


The Subdecay Echobox is a carefully designed delay meant to deliver a sound and responsiveness somewhere between that of a tape echo and a BBD-based analog delay. With special focus given to dynamic response, the Echobox carefully follows your playing dynamics like the best of tape delays with the zero-maintenance build of an analog delay.

All knobs are carefully calibrated to guarantee smooth response across their whole range - meaning that a subtle turn of a knob will not instantly cast you into screaming modulated feedback. Echo times range from 40 - 666 milliseconds (or thereabouts) and this little beast will self-oscillate with regen beyond 3:00. You can get everything from clean, warm, bouncing echoes to noisy feedback chaos, and you can get there reliably.

Like a quality echo should, the Echobox does feature built in LFO for delay rate modulation, good for everything from subtle chorus to crazy sweeps. A "trails" switch gives you have the choice of whether or not you'd prefer and instant cut of your delay trails when you bypass the effect.

With the killer dynamic response of a high-end tape delay and the warmth and reliability of a BBD-delay, the Echobox is a reliable and flexible addition to any pedalboard. And it sounds GREAT.


  • Superb dynamic response
  • 40 - 666 millisecond echo time
  • "Trails" switch allows or disallows trails to continue when effect is bypassed
  • With regen at 3:00, repeats are practically infinite; beyond, self-oscillation ensues
  • Built-in modulation LFO for delay time with dedicated depth and speed controls, from subtle to absolute madness

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  • Power: 9-18 VDC, center negative

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