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Studio Electronics
Charcot Circles Sequencer - 26HP

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Item: N13-3953



Charcot Circles Sequencer - 26HP


This new sequencer is the first module in a collaboration between Studio Electronics and the mastermind behind Eowave, Marc Sirguy. Named after Jean-Martin Charcot, the founder of modern neurology, this module will creep into your brain and awake the slumber. The Charcot Circles can be utilized as an 8 x 16 step track (with 8 VC and Gates), 4 x 32 (4 CVs and Gates), 2 x 64 (2 CVs and Gates), and 1 x 128 step track (1 CV and gate). An expansion module is being built to provide CV and Gate connections called the BBOX. The Charcot Circles can connect up to two breakout boxes. 

Let's start from the top down. The Circles starts with eight banks with up to 16 presets saved in each bank. Each of these presets then contains a collection of Tracks, composed of 1 to 16 notes, and these notes are at the base data level. There can be up to 128 presets saved in the 8 banks of 16. 

In one of its more expressive modes called Track Play, the tracks played can be individually selected. In "Global Mode," the number chosen corresponds to the number of tracks played. 8 would play the tracks 1-8. 

With every available connection, including clock in, reset in, velocity out, CV out, CV in, and USB in/out, this module is sure to find a home in the blooming eurorack community. This thing will literally be patching Circles around you. 


  • Circular Sequencer with per note/track pitch, velocity, and length controls
  • 128 Track Memory locations
  • Eight Patch Points: CV In, Clock In, Reset In, Clock out, Reset Out, Velocity out, Gate out and CV out
  • USB in/out - MIDI, software update via SUB HIDBootloader
  • Importing and exporting sequence data available via Max7
  • Breakout box in production

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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 26HP
  • Depth: TBA
  • Current Draw: TBA

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