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STG Soundlabs Time Buffer Din Sync Distributor

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STG Soundlabs Time Buffer

The STG Soundlabs Time Buffer is a clock conditioner and distributor for syncing up your modular and DIN Sync gear. DIN Sync Clock is injected into the power supply's gate bus, allowing enabled modules to synchronize directly to any DIN Sync source.

Time Buffer Features

  • Sync24 Input - 24ppq, 5-pin DIN input
  • Sync24 output - conditioned courtesy outlet for the clock signal
  • Eurorack Module
  • 8 HP Width
  • This module, along with the Graphic Sequencer and the Trigger Sequencer, uses only the five volt power rail of your system. If you do not have five volt power already in your system, a regulator board can be purchased which is strong enough to power 5 time buffer
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