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Steady State Fate
Gatestorm Advanced Gate Generator - 24HP

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Gatestorm Advanced Gate Generator - 24HP

SSF/Erogenous Tones Gatestorm

The Gatestorm is a complex gate generator from Steady State Fate, in collaboration with Erogenous Tones. The most striking element of this module is the heavily detailed LCD monitor screen. It may look complicated at first glance, but the User Interface is meant to be fast and straight forward, providing all the useful information for monitoring a complex machine. Once the few parameters are understood, their visual counterpoints should become clear. At its core, the Gatestorm is an 8 channel Gate sequencer that can be used as a master clock with tap tempo, or can be clocked by external gates for synchronization. Each of the eight tracks can be independently programmed, each with their own randomizers and logic lanes. There are six CV inputs, which are able to be assigned to any function within the Gatestorm. Along with this are six trigger inputs either for synchronization or any other use of triggers, which are also assignable. Each track is easily accessible with the various buttons on the panel, with very limited menu diving (hence the packed UI). The Gatestorm is meant to be a quick and intuitive performance instrument, for ease of variation and playability. As a master clock, one can route many triggers out to control an entire modular system. 

Gatestorm Features

  • 8 Gate Generators (4 Complex Lanes & 4 Simple Lanes)
  • 7 Gate Inputs
  • 1 Clock Input for Syncing GateStorm to an external clock, Includes TAP TEMPO button as well
  • 4 Local Gate Inputs
  • 2 Global Gate Inputs (1 with integrated button to use when not patched)
  • 6 CV Inputs with Attenuator (Normalized to DC voltage)
  • 8 Gate Outputs (0-10V) with Integrated White LEDs
  • 320×240 High Contrast LCD screen
  • 1 Rotary Encoder with Pushbutton for Data Entry
  • 15 Buttons for Various Parameter Entry
  • USB connection on rear for Firmware Updating
  • Based on ChibiOS RTOS

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  • 24 HP
  • Skiff Friendly (Very shallow)
  • Power: +12v/-12v

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good fun Review by phaelam
game changer for me. (Posted on 9/23/16)

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