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Multi-Touch Keyboard Controller

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Multi-Touch Keyboard Controller

Sputnik Multi-Touch Keyboard Controller

The Sputnik Multi-Touch Keyboard is a highly-capable touch keyboard optimized for use in Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. It boasts 29 semitone quantized touchpads arranged in a classic keyboard layout. Additionally, the keyboard features a dedicated octave switch, pressure sensor, and ribbon controller. It can be used in monophonic or from anywhere between two and four-voice polyphonic modes, and features an arpeggiator that can be synced with an internal tempo generator or via external clock. 

Multi-Touch Keyboard Controller Features

  • 1v/oct
  • “Pressure” CV (measured surface amount)
  • Gate CV
  • Polyphony Mono/Arp or Poly (2,3,4 voices)
  • Octave switch for +1, +2
  • In Mono/Arp mode, CV2 sends CV1+2 semitones, CV3 sends CV1+4 semitones, CV4 sends + 7 semitones
  • In Mono/Arp mode Gate 1 sends every gate, Gate 2 every 2nd gate, Gate 3 every 3rd gate and Gate 4 every 4th gate and can work like a clock divider
  • Touch sensitive location strip with both CV and Gate outputs


  • Internal and External sync switch
  • Up, Down, and Random modes
  • CV Trigger input
  • Manual Time control control knob
  • Hold

Mono outputs

  • CV 1 out
  • Gate 1 out
  • Pressure CV out

Polyphonic outputs

  • 2,3,4 voice switch
  • CV 2-4 outs
  • Gate 2-4 outs
  • All Pulses out

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  • 3U
  • 84HP
  • 20mm depth
  • current draw: 50mA @ +12V, 40mA -+5V and 40mA @ -12V
  • requires a +5V operational voltage

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