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Sputnik Envelope Follower / Preamp

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Sputnik Envelope Follower / Preamp

For those looking to interface external line-level mono instruments with their Eurorack modular synthesizer system, look no further. The Sputnik Envelope Follower/Preamp is a compact module that excels at doing just that.

The module features a 1/4” input on its front panel. From there, the input signal can be routed to other ares of the patch, or to the module’s envelope follower, which outputs fluctuations in the input signal’s amplitude as CV. The module features a dedicated gain knob with switchable impedance, rendering it perfect for processing both instruments and vocals, each of which have different levels of initial gain. 

Additionally, the module features a low/mid/high switch for EQing the input signal, which allows for a more accurate response from the envelope follower. There’s also a Sensitivity knob for controlling the overall input response and dictating the threshold at which the pulse is able to leave the output. A Decay knob applies subtle slew over the decay, resulting in a smoother release. Finally, the pulse response control alters the width of the output gate anywhere from short transient triggers to wide pulses, meaning the module is capable of interfacing with a variety of different gate inputs. 

Envelope Follower / Preamp Features

  • 1/4" Audio input for interfacing with guitars, other synthesizers, anything with a standard guitar jack output
  • Gain control for dialing in the perfect volume level and timbral overdrive
  • Variable impedance switch for high and low impedance signal inputs
  • Three band EQ switch
  • Manual decay control for CV output
  • Pulse output responds to changes in the signal level
  • LED light for indicating pulse outputs
  • Sustain vs. transient switch for pulse response/behavior
  • 8 HP
  • Standard Eurorack +/- 12V Power
  • Depth: ~1.5" Skiff Friendly
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