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Dual Oscillator - 28HP

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Dual Oscillator - 28HP

Sputnik Dual Oscillator

Taking its inspiration from staples of the past, the Sputnik Dual Oscillator is comprised of two VCOs, each with coarse and fine tune controls, 1V/Oct pitch inputs, and frequency CV inputs with dedicated bipolar attenuverting knobs. The first oscillator features an FM input with dedicated modulation amount knob, and the second features a sync input with a blending knob for finding the precise spot between hard and soft sync. 

The first oscillator can be synchronized to the second via the Sync switch, with that and the AM and FM switches allowing for a variety of cross-modulation options. The AM switch allows the first oscillator to govern the amplitude of the second, which can produce a tremolo effect at low frequencies, or a ring modulator when the modulator is in audio range. The FM switch allows the first oscillator to alter the frequency of the second, allowing for patch cord free frequency modulation. 

The module’s most notable section is arguably its harmonics section, which is a timbal shaper attached to the master output that can be used to achieve unconventional wave shapes and evolving textures. 

Dual Oscillator Features

  • Dual oscillator with integrated wave shaper
  • Course and Fine tune for each oscillator
  • 1v/Oct inputs for precise keyboard tracking over 5 octaves
  • Frequency CV inputs with independent bipolar attenuverting knobs
  • Generator 1 has VCO/LFO Switch for a wider range of modulation capabilites
  • Built in Waveshaper with Harmonics control and Wave Fold control (Timbre)
  • Generator 1 has Tri, Saw, and Square waveshape outputs
  • Generator 2 has Sine, Square, and the Waveshaped outputs

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  • 28 HP
  • Standard Eurorack Power: +/- 12V
  • Depth: ~1.5"

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