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SD1 Simple Drum - 6HP

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Item: N13-5676



SD1 Simple Drum - 6HP


The Soundmachines SD1 is a quick and effective way to add six channels of PCM drum sounds and more to your Eurorack system. With six different "families" of sounds and four variable parameters per channel, the SD1 is a valuable addition to any modular synth.

Each channel features several variations of a particular type of sound: channel one features eleven bass drum samples, channel 2 features nine closed hi hats, etc. Each channel also offers variable level and accent level. There is even a control for global reverb send for adding a little bit of space to your drum sounds.

More advanced controls can also be accessed, including hi-hat and snare humanization, CV over reverb amount, and instrument "scan" for channels five and six. One particularly interesting advanced mode turns channels five and six into a fully capable monophonic synth voice with several quantizer modes.

All this in 6hp makes the Soundmachines SD1 a truly powerful and flexible addition to any rig.


  • Six channel PCM-based drum and synth module
  • Trigger input for each channel
  • Gate input for accent, each channel has individually assignable accent level
  • Level control per channel
  • Controllable global reverb built in
  • Advanced modes include humanize functions, CV over reverb amount, and instrument scanning
  • Special advanced mode turns channels 5 and 6 into CV and gate inputs for built-in synth sounds (with several pitch quantization options)

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  • Panel width: 6hp
  • Current draw: 150mA @ +12V / <5mA @ -12V
  • Trigger/CV input level: 0-5V for optimal performance

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