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Midi 2 CV USB Midi Converter - 4HP

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Midi 2 CV USB Midi Converter - 4HP


The Sound Study Modular is a USB midi to CV and gate converter module in 4HP. The module is powerd off of the USB and is class compliant, so should work without any drivers or complex setup. It is optomized for iOS, OSX and Linux operating systems, and might have longer latency with Windows systems. This module is a clone of the Mutable Instruments CV Pal that was only available as a kit.

There are 4 outputs from the midi to CV and they can be configured in different modes. gates are 0 to +5V and CV is 0 to +4V the 1V/octave CV is very accurate, since it is calibrated digitally. There are monophonic and duophonic modes, CCs can be accessed in some modes, it can be 4 channels of triggers or gates, midi clock can be converted to an analog clock signal, there is even a mode that outputs a square wave oscillator.


  • Class compliant USB midi to CV converter
  • Modes: Monophonic with velocity, Monophonic with velocity and square oscillator, Dual monophonic, Duophonic, CC conversion, Monophonic with CC, Quad triggers, Quad gates, Monophonic CVCVpalpalwith MIDI clock output
  • CV outputs: 0 to 4V, V/Oct (4 octaves)
  • Gate outputs: Positive V-trig, ON = 5V ; OFF = 0V

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  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4HP
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Power draw: none from eurorack power supply, <20mA from USB
  • Resolution: < 2mV
  • 8 points calibration curve for non-linearity compensation
  • Temperature dependency: +/- 2 cents within the 10° C to 80° C range
  • Output impedance: 220Ω (rule of thumb: 2 cents drop per connection to a CV input)

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