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Filterbank 2 Compact

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Item: N13-7295

Filterbank 2 Compact
Filterbank 2 Compact Filterbank 2 Compact

Sherman Filterbank 2 Compact

The Filterbank 2 Compact is a dynamic analog filtering and distortion unit that contains everything the classic has, but in a compact size. Sherman created the Compact FB2 so artists can have an easier time using this powerful device while on the road. Just like the Filterbank 2, the Compact FB2 contains tools like independent LP/HP/BP filters with resonance, frequency and ADSR, an FM and ring modulator input etc... With an added noise generator and the standard 6 octave switch, VCA overdrive with an AR generator and LED indicators, the FB2 Compact is great for travel and smaller studios. 

Filterbank 2 Compact Features

  • Independent low pass, band pass and high pass filters with resonance, frequency and ADSR (positive - negative) controls.. These are switchable between parallel or serial
  • The second filter has a 6 octave switch, and is synchronizable with the first filter
  • 1 ADSR generator for these filters with an external output for use with more filterbanks or modular systems, triggered by the incoming signal, by a second sounds source, or by a gate
  • 1 FM input for the filters, internal or external audio, LFO or CV
  • 1 VCA overdrive with AR generator also
  • 1 ring modulator input, internal or external audio, LFO or CV
  • Noise Generator

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  • MIDI In/Out, 3x Thru
  • Main out, out1 (Filter1)
  • Trigger AR, AM In, ADSR Out and Trigger In, Link In/Out, FM In, Sig. In, Pedal In

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