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Sea Devils Filter - 14HP

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Sea Devils Filter - 14HP


A three pole diode ladder lowpass filter with voltage controlled resonance. This is the 1.5" deep revision.

There are two famous 3-pole diode ladder lowpass filters. One of them was in a little silver box of a synthesizer with integrated sequencer that was used to make "acid tracks" and the other one was was in a big suitcase of a synthesizer with a silver faceplate and semi-integrated sequencer that was used to make tracks while on acid. This is the latter.


  • Frequency Control
  • Response Control
  • Amount Control
  • 2x Frequency Inputs
  • Amount Input
  • Response Input
  • Signal Input
  • Signal Output

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 14 HP Width
  • 3.75" Depth
  • This module features a PCB designed by Detachment 3 Engineering via Yves Usson.

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