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VDL6 Dual Multislope Vertical Diode Lowpass Filter - 19HP

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VDL6 Dual Multislope Vertical Diode Lowpass Filter - 19HP


VDL6 stands for Vertical Diode Lowpass and this module has a max filter slope of 36 db/octave.

This filter is contructed as a true dual filter containing two identical and independent filters A and B. Each filter, A and B, provides 4 simultaneous outputs with different slopes, which are clearly different in sound. By mixing and/or subtracting and/or sharing of the overall 8 outputs one obtain mighty musical, creative possibilities. The module is designed with a width of 19 PU (part units, 1 PU=5.08mm) for installation into a 3 HU (height units) modular rack with a built in ±12 V power supply.

Furthermore the module is equipped with CV (Control Voltage)-inputs for cutoff-frequency (FREQ) and resonance (RESO), separately for each channel that true and independent dual/stereo audio operating is possible. 

Design and implementation meet highest technical standards concerningusability, sound quality, and electromagnetic immunity. The entire design andproduction work was done in Germany. 


  • Control knob for Input A and Input B: Attenuates incoming audio between -∞ dB and 0 dB.
  • Freq Control: Adjusts the cutoff frequency for both channels between 2Hz and 42 kHz.
  • Det B Control: Detunes the cutoff frequency of VCF B over ±3.6 octaves. 
  • Reso Control: Adjusts the resonance of the phaser (Q-factor) between zero (1) and self-oscillation (∞) for both filters. 
  • Det B control – "detunes" the resonance (Q-Faktor) of VCF B about ± 1/3of the total range
  • 6dB, 12dB, 18dB, and 24/36 dB filter slopes available for both filters. 

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  • 19 HP
  • Power: +12V/-12V @ 200mA
  • Weight: 200 grams; .44 lbs
  • Module Depth: 1.45 inches; 37mm

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