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Roger Linn Design
Adrenalinn III Multi-FX Processor

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Item: N13-3390

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Adrenalinn III Multi-FX Processor
Adrenalinn III Multi-FX Processor Adrenalinn III Multi-FX Processor Adrenalinn III Multi-FX Processor Adrenalinn III Multi-FX Processor Adrenalinn III Multi-FX Processor

Roger Linn Design Adrenalinn III

The Adrenalinn III is a sinkable multi-effects processor built specifically for use with guitars, keyboards, and basses. The Adrenalin is comprised of three separate products: First, the Adrenalin is a syncable multi-effects processor complete with a filter sequencer. This part of the unit excels at the creation of beat-synced filter effects like tremolo, filter tremolo, auto-pan, chorus, flanger, rotary, vibrato, and much more. These sequences are clocked via internal drumbeats or from a MIDI clock. 

Next, the Adrenalinn III sports forty vintage and modern guitar amp models from the likes of Fender, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, and much more. Additionally, the unit contains four classic bass amp models, distortion boxes, and tube preamp emulation. 

Finally, the Adrenalinn III is configurable as a programmable drum machine with 40 sampled sounds and over 200 beats. The drums can be routed through both the effects processor and the amp modeler for uniquely synchronized beats. 

Adrenalinn III Features

  • Random filtering, flanging or tremolo—like a wah pedal that instantly switches to a new random position on every 1/8 or 1/16 note in sync to the beat. Or a flanger that switches to a new random frequency every 1/8 or 1/16 note. Or a tremolo in which each pulse level is randomly chosen, adding a syncopated rhythm to even simple chords.
  • Filter sequences: Looped 2-measure rhythmic sequences of filter tones in sync to the beat or to MIDI. Choose one of the preset sequences or program your own. A great idea generator.
  • Tremolo sequences: Looped 2-measure sequences of programmed volume pulses. Like that used in Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams".
  • Arpeggio Sequences: Looped 2-measure sequences of tuned resonances, as used in John Mayer's "Bigger Than My Body".
  • Delay Loops: Set the beat-synced delay to 1 full measure, then jam with yourself by playing chords over the first bar and solo over them on the next.

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  • 40 Amp models all enhanced for accuracy, presence and improved tube distortion
  • Stereo reverb
  • Compression
  • Tuner
  • 200 user presets & 200 drumbeats filled with great sounds & beats.
  • MIDI enhancements: MIDI pedalboards of up to 10 foot switches and 2 expression pedals may be assigned to control nearly all internal settings in real time.
  • Programmable Amp Boost
  • Foot switches can be reassigned to nearly all internal actions
  • Independent guitar amp distortion for drumbeats
  • Internal drum sounds may be triggered from MIDI
  • Enhanced control of beat-synched random filter and flanging effects
  • Improved drum sounds

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