RK2 XS-VCA Distortion - 8HP

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RK2 XS-VCA Distortion - 8HP


The RK2 is a crazy Metasonix tube VCA in a smaller silver panel with a giant tube sticking 2.5 inches out of the front. This VCA design has an audio input with level control, a CV input with an offset, a feedback control knob and two audio outputs, one of which has inverted phase. The RK2 has 30db of gain so you can use it to increase the level of guitars or basses or line level instruments to modular level. At low gain settings you can get slight tube saturation sounds, but with higher input levels and feedback you can get into crazy screeching overdrives and distortions, and there are squelchy resonant sounding feedback sounds as well as gated and broken sounds.

If being an awesome distortion was not enough the RK2 has voltage control so you can use it as a VCA. The CV input responds to a wide range of voltages and there is an offset knob to get it into the range that you want. Having two audio outputs with opposite phase allows you to make a stereo signal or mix  the two signals together and cancel out the original signal and just get the distortion. The RK2 does draw a lot of power, especially at startup for the tube heaters, so make sure you have a beefy power supply for this module.


  • Vacuum tube VCA (15LE8 tube)
  • 30db of gain
  • Input level control
  • Feedback control
  • CV offset knob
  • Two audio outputs with opposite phase
  • Made in California with NOS tubes

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  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8HP
  • Depth: 38mm below panel, 63mm above panel
  • Current draw: 300mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V

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