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Retro Mechanical Labs
Pedal And A Gun Distortion Pedal

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Item: N13-3921

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Pedal And A Gun Distortion Pedal
Pedal And A Gun Distortion Pedal Pedal And A Gun Distortion Pedal Pedal And A Gun Distortion Pedal Pedal And A Gun Distortion Pedal Pedal And A Gun Distortion Pedal


The Retro Mechanical Labs ‘Pedal and a Gun’ overdrive and distortion pedal is a new take on an old classic. Born of many hours of listening to the Blues, this pedal embodies those by-gone eras, when all that musicians needed was a guitar and a Pedal and a Gun.

The Pedal and a Gun combines an overdriven tube sound with with a high-gain boost control along with clean, buffered-signal features designed to help users get that perfect tone on stage or in the studio. With three traditional knobs for Volume (Output), Tone (Pedal) and Gain (Gun), this gives a familiar driven tone. This pedal also offers an additional gain boost (Recoil) that can be dialed in for even more drive and aggression!  However, Pedal and a Gun isn’t all about that gain.. The Pedal and a Gun offers two clean buffered signals for recording clean tracks and dialing in more clean tone for better articulation. The “Mix” knob allows the user to dial in a boosted clean signal with the driven signal for better articulation and tone options. The volume on the boosted signal is fixed. A secondary output (output B) offers a clean buffered out to a separate pedal chain, board or amp. The LED functions as both power indicator and meter and responds to your playing. 


  • Blues Tones for every musician
  • Output Level Control
  • Pedal Tone Control – also controls secondary gain knob (Tuning Knob to the left limits gain on secondary control, turning to the right adds it in)
  • Gun Primary Gain Amount Control
  • Recoil Secondary Gain Amount Control – Greatly increases gain and volume output and feedback will occur when both ‘Recoil’ and ‘Pedal’ knobs are turned up to their maximum settings
  • Mix Amount Control – between gain signal and clean boosted signal – Boosted volume is fixed and unaffected by output control
  • Primary Output for Distortion Signal
  • Output B – Clean buffered signal out useful for linking secondary effects to a clean signal, a separate amp or board inputs (inactive when pedal is turned off)

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  • Power: 9V DC Center Negative 150mA+ (Not Included)
  • Black Aluminum Enclosure
  • Hand Build and Wired in Portland Oregon

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