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Radial Engineering
Cube 3 Space 500 Series Lunchbox

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Item: N12-1423

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Cube 3 Space 500 Series Lunchbox
Cube 3 Space 500 Series Lunchbox Cube 3 Space 500 Series Lunchbox Cube 3 Space 500 Series Lunchbox

Radial Cube

The Radial Engineering Cube is a desktop power rack capable of housing three modules. While many 500 Series enclosures are specifically designed to be mounted, the Cube is the result of an entirely different philosophy. Its compact chassis and convenient top handle make it an inherently portable desktop unit that can be transferred around the studio in accordance with one’s needs. For example, an engineer could use the cube to place an instrument as close to the source material as needed, allowing for a greater signal-to-noise ratio. 

The Cube is conveniently backwards compatible with older API modules, as well as other Radial modules. It features 48V Phantom Power that sends 10mA of current to mic preamps. There are XLR connections for each slot, as well as 1/4” TRS connectors that allow for multing, cross-patching, and parallel processing. 
Rather than being content with the hardwire patch system employed by more traditional power racks, the Cube features an intuitive feed function that essentially configures the modules in series, completely negating the need for patch cables. What’s more, stereo modules can now be synchronized at the mere flick of a switch.

Cube Features

  • Desktop power rack houses three 500 series modules
  • 3 Space Power rack lets you fit any 3 500 series modules
  • Compatible with Radial and older API systems
  • Carry handfle maikes it easy to mobe the cube aroudnt the studio
  • 14 Guage steel design, heavy-duty construction for added durability
  • Provides up to 500 milliamps of shared current
  • Optional angles let you recess it into the tabletop


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  • Circuit type: Connection buss from modules to connectors
  • Format: Desk top
  • Number of slots: 3
  • Input connectors: 3 balanced XLR male, 3 ¼" TRS
  • Output connectors: 3 balanced XLR male, 3 ¼" TRS
  • Compatibility: Adheres to the Whos-Doc and VPR Alliance


  • Omniport: Yes
  • Feed switch: Yes
  • Stereo link: Yes
  • 48V phantom power: Yes on all channels


  • Available current: 500 milliamps
  • Average current 166 mA per slot
  • Card slot impedance: Module dependent
  • Ground connections: Chassis
  • XLR pin wiring: AES standard: pin-1 ground, pin-2 (+), pin-3 (-)
  • Power supply: External 100V - 240V AC with 48V Phantom
  • PSU Connection: Locking 4 pin XLR female on cable

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