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Qu-Bit Electronix
Chord 4 Voice Polyphonic Oscillator - 28HP

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Item: N13-6167

Chord 4 Voice Polyphonic Oscillator - 28HP

Qu-Bit Chord

The Qu-Bit Chord is a 4 voice polyphonic oscillator for Eurorack Modular synthesizers. The Chord makes it possible to play chords without meticulously tuning 4 oscillators to match each other. The Chord can also generate chords using harmonic motion, to complement a bassline even if you don't understand the music theory yourself. The Harmonize button chooses the appropriate chord voicing based on the root note, causing classic harmonic motion. There are separate outputs for the root note, 3rd, 5th and 7th and then a mix of all 4 of them. The triad button changes the chord to a 3 note chord by removing the 7th from the mix output.

There is a coarse and fine tune for base frequency and then the other controls have LED indicators to show what mode they are in and can be adjusted by a knob or CV input. The waveform can be morphed from sine to square through triangle and saw. The fading between them is overlapped, to allow for timbral shifts from Sine to Saw. The voicing control adjusts how far the chord is spread across octaves. The Inversion control changes which note is the lowest, the root, the third (first inversion), the fifth (second inversion), and the seventh (third inversion). The Quality control changes what type of chord is played, it can do major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th and half diminished chords. When the harmonize button is pressed, this feature is disabled because it uses internal logic to decide which chord quality fits that scale. Harmonic motion is now easily accessible within the Eurorack format.

Qu-Bit Chord Features

  • 4 voice polyphony with individual and mixed outputs (root, 3rd, 5th, 7th)
  • Auto harmonization with a bass line option
  • Triad chord button
  • Variable wave shape (sine, triangle, saw, square)
  • Adjustable chord voicing (spread, drop 3, drop 2, close)
  • Adjustable chord inversion (third, second, first, root)
  • Adjustable chord quality (half diminished, dominant 7th, minor 7th, major 7th)

Qu-Bit Chord Videos

The beginning sound sample is demonstrating the waveshape morph of the Qu-Bit Chord. The Mix out provides all the notes in the chord, with the Triad button removing the 7th. The voicing and inversion knobs are great for performance, providing useful re-harmonizations of chords. When a sequence (from Intellijel's Metropolis) is patched into 1v/Oct, the Harmonize button was also pressed, to provide harmonic motion based off of the root note. A second sequencer (Verbos' Sequence Selector) was then patched into the Voicing control, and a Sample and Hold output (from Verbos' Random Sampling) is patched into the Inversion control to provide stepped modulation in tempo with the chord changes. The Mix output is being fed into one channel of Streams, from Mutable Instruments, in the Vactrol modeling mode, which provides the slight grit and percussive character.

Qu-Bit Rhythm Wave Chord and Contour from Perfect Circuit Audio on Vimeo.

Triggering the Qu-Bit Wave sampler with the Qu-Bit Rhythm for drums, the Qu-Bit Chord adds chords over the drums. The Varigate 8 is being used for extra cv to movie around the pitch on the wave sampler. All of the audio is being put thru the Intellijel Linix and being gated by maths and Qu-Bit Contour quad envelope. Some compression is added by the WMD MSCL stereo compressor.

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  • Panel width: 28hp
  • Depth: 23mm
  • Current draw: maximum 122mA @ +12V / 10mA @ -12V
  • Control resolution: 16-bit for all CV and hardware controls (65,536 discrete steps)
  • Audio quality: 44.1kHz , 16 bit

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