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Pulp Logic Lunchbox Zissou LBZ54-S Eurorack Case

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Pulp Logic Lunchbox Zissou LBZ54-S

NOTE: The 1U row in this case is only compatible with Pulp Logic, Synthrotek and Vermona 1U modules. Intellijel 1U modules are not compatible with this case.

The Pulp Logic Lunchbox Zissou LBZ54 is a compact 5U 54HP Eurorack case. The case is comprised of two 54HP 1U rows and a single 54HP 3U row. It is constructed from heat-resistant plastic and there’s even a removable lid for added protection and efficient portability. The included power supply runs off a 9V - 18V DC source, allowing the case to be used in tandem with a variety of wall warts.

The -S version of the Lunchbox Zissou includes an Accutronics AMC2BF2 spring reverb tank. 

Lunchbox Zissou LBZ54-S Features

  • 54hp Eurorack
  • 108hp 1U Tiles (2 Rows)
  • Case can be closed while patched
  • Shock-Mount Rack Frame
  • Includes 20 M2.5 sliding nuts per rail
  • Removable lid with sliding pull pins
  • Reverb Tank – Accutronics AMC2BF2
  • Dimensions: 34.25cm (13.5"") W x 29.25cm (11.5"") D x 15.25cm (6"") H
  • Weight: 2.5kg (5.5 lbs) Unloaded
  • Clearance from top rails to bus board: 6cm (2.35”)
  • Clearance above rails: 5.5cm (2.15”)
  • Available Current: 450mA@+12V, 450mA@-12V, 350mA@+5V
  • 10 Shrouded 16-pin Eurorack connections
  • 14 Keyed 1U tile connections
  • Includes two extra 15cm splitter for adding 1U Tile connections
  • Includes 12V – 1.5A DC Power Adapter and US style IEC cord
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