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Pulp Logic
Att-Off Attenuator & Offset Function Tile - 6HP

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Item: N13-4085

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Att-Off Attenuator & Offset Function Tile - 6HP


NOTE: This 1U module is only compatible with Pulp Logic, Synthrotek or Vermona 1U cases. It is not compatible with Intellijel 1U cases.

The Pulp Logic ‘Att-Off’ is a highly useful utility module packed into a single Eurorack Tile. Att-Off uses a dual-concentric pot to give users access to a pair of useful functions: DC Offset and Attenuation. Additionally, the Tile is normalled so that it will act as a DC Voltage Output when nothing is plugged into the Input. This utility module can be used to convert between bipolar and unipolar signals, for example feeding a ±5V LFO into a 0-5V CV input. Add around 5V of offset to bring the LFO to a 0-10V swing, then attenuate down to 0-5V. 


  • Convert Unipolar to Bipolar or Vise Versa
  • Two optional DC offset ranges: unipolar (0 to 8V) and bipolar (-5V to 5V)
  • Two optional attenuation/gain options: unity gain (1:1 output to input) and 2x gain (2:1 output to input)
  • Tile Unit

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  • Eurorack Tile Module
  • 6 HP Width / 1 Tile Unit
  • 30mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 5mA @ ±12V
  • Power Cable: Tile Tail (3-pin)

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