Lifeforms SV-1 Modular Dual Oscillator Synth Voice - 48HP

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Lifeforms SV-1 Modular Dual Oscillator Synth Voice - 48HP


The Lifeforms SV-1 is a fully patchable synthesizer module, designed to be the heart and soul of any modular system. It features two independent, full-range analog oscillators. Each one generating beefy, organic waveforms perfect for dynamic and inspired performances. What about the filter?  Rich and thick, the sound of the revered Pittsburgh Modular Filter is unmistakable, dripping with harmonic character over the entire voltage controlled frequency range. In addition to the flexible oscillators and buttery filter, the SV-1 is rounded out with a staggering feature set designed to fuel the creative fire.

The  Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers Lifeforms SV-1 is a complete dual oscillator synthesizer, designed to be the core of a eurorack modular system. Building on the sound and legacy of the celebrated Waveforms oscillator, the SV-1 module features two full-range independent analog oscillators; sound sources that are perfect for dynamic and inspired performances. In addition to these two high-performance oscillators, we stuffed the SV-1 with a perfectly curated set of modular synthesis tools including dual, chained mixers, a plucky, four stage envelope generator, and of course, the legendary analog state-variable filter.

Extensive patch options give users access to glide, CC, and velocity. A digital clock-syncable LFO with triangle and quantized random voltage waveforms provides even more modulation options. A clock input allows the user to override the internal or MIDI clock and sync to external CV and gate clock signals. A built-in arpeggiator provides all of the deep arpeggio responses from the MIDI 3, including as played, double triggered, random, and random with random gate. This unlocks another level of playability and the capacity to create complex and fresh musical patterns out of just a few notes.

A wide-range utility LFO with triangle and square wave outputs is ideal for VCA or filter frequency sweeps. Or, turn it up and release the dynamic FM capabilities of either oscillator. A Tools section provides access to two sub-octave oscillators, derived from Oscillator 1’s core frequency. Analog noise and sample & hold finish out the Tools section — the hold function is initially pre-wired to MIDI clock, and equips users to create perfectly timed, random voltage steps. 

Designed specifically for the Lifeforms SV-1 with a plucky, organic feel, the four-stage analog ADSR allows users to generate envelopes with remarkable, precise control over each stage. Pre-patched to receive gate signals directly from MIDI, the gate input may be overridden by any available clock, trigger, or square wave source.


  • Two full range independent analog oscillators with dual chained mixers
  • Extensive patch options with access to glide, cc, and velocity
  • Digital clock syncable LFO with triangle and quantized random voltage waveforms
  • Built in arpeggiator
  • Four stage analog ADSR, able to receive gate signals directly from MIDI

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  • Panel size 48hp
  • Depth 35mm
  • Power consumption 230mA with reversed power polarity protection

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