Patchblock Pink

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Patchblock Pink
Patchblock Pink Patchblock Pink Patchblock Pink Patchblock Pink Patchblock Pink


Patchblocks were designed with the purpose of providing a platform by which musicians could easily create their own portable, patchable synthesizers and audio effects. By employing a simple patcher-style GUI for creating patches and easy interfacing, the people at Patchblocks have succeeded: they have created a product that is immediate, reliable, and fun while maintaining excellent sound quality.

Each patchblock can have an enormous number of functions, all defined by the patches you create in the Patchblock editor software. By offering a simple GUI capable of letting you audition your sounds, Patchblocks make programming your own synthesizer easier than ever before. With two assignable knobs and two assignable buttons per block, you can even choose how you interact with the functions you design.

And of course, the flexibility of the system becomes even more apparent when multiple Patchblocks are used together, passing lossless audio between adjacent units to create more complex functions. Each Patchblock also has analog input and output for literally patching signals through or between blocks, allowing even greater flexibility.

A Patchblock can be a full synthesizer, an individual module, an effects processor, a noise machine, drum machine, and much more.


  • Stereo audio input
  • Stereo audio output
  • 2 channel digital I/O
  • Two assignable knobs and two assignable buttons
  • Acrylic enclosure panels
  • USB chargeable LiPo battery
  • 10bit / 20k sample rate
  • USB communication with computer for loading patches

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  • Software is PC and Mac compatible
  • Please see the Patchblocks website for technical documentation

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