Orage Voltage Controlled Oscillator - 10HP

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Orage Voltage Controlled Oscillator - 10HP


Eowave's project, Orage Magnétique, is dedicated to the design of a sound spaciolab to recreate sounds from space (inspired by the sounds recorded by the Huygens-Cassini mission).

The Orage (Storm) is a complex analogue oscillator that simulates the intensity of space magnetic storms. The intensity is in KP, from 1 to 10. The Orage is a triangle-core, voltage controlled oscillator which enables different modulation types from thru zero FM synthesis, linear and exponential modulations, and pulsewidth modulation to phase inversion modulation.

This module has 5 individual outputs for sine, triangle, saw, pulse , square waveforms. It also has a sync input.


  • Triangle Core Voltage Controlled Oscillator
  • Sync Input
  • 5 Individual Outputs for Sine, Triangle, Saw, Pulse, Square waveforms.
  • FM synthesis: Linear/Exponential Modulations
  • Pulse Width Modulation to Phase Inversion Modulation

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 10HP Width
  • 40mm depth

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