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Olegtron 4060 Compact Oscillator / Divider Box With 7 Bit Saw

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Olegtron 4060

The 4060 excels in the creation of unique signals and sequences, which it perpetrates using a programming approach that involves affixing components directly into its patchboard. It can behave as a self-contained sound generator or as a complex control signal generator.

The device is inspired by an RC-oscillator example from the CD4060 datasheet, albeit with the addition of a “starve” potentiometer as found in some circuit bent designs. It ship with a bag of components intended to facilitate experimentation. Just hook it up to a standard 9V battery and it’s good to go!

4060 Features

  • Stand alone sound generator: plug in to your amp or headphones (start with low volume!)
  • Synth control: send CV, clock and gate signals to your synth and from the synth to 4060
  • Bipolar signal generator: TRS connector ground can be set to any signal (internal jumper)
  • Circuit bending: trigger toy buttons and modulate pitch with the signals
  • Electronics lab: generates 10 bits of test signal usable in various projects
  • Sound manipulation: feed amplified signals to 4060 and output them with a no-fi flavor
  • Light sequencing: connect single- or multicolored LEDs straight or via a driver
  • Drive micro motors directly (internal 180R starve resistor must be shorted) or with a driver
  • Combine above uses and keep everything in the same fluctuating sync
  • 7 Bit Saw module
  • Frequency range presettable with an internal capacitor
  • 3,5mm stereo connector for inputting and outputting signals
  • Light weight but durable computer grey plastic enclosure
  • Uses one standard 9 volt battery
  • Ships with a set of basic electronic components and getting started info
  • Resistors and small capacitors are custom color coded for ease of use
  • Through hole components
  • Factory manufactured PCB
  • Carries the European Union CE-marking
  • RoHS compliant
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