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Numeric Repetitor Gate Generator - 8HP

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Numeric Repetitor Gate Generator - 8HP


Numeric Repetitor is a rhythmic gate generator based on binary arithmetic. A corepattern forms the basis and variation is achieved by treating this pattern as a binarynumber and multiplying it by another.

This module contains 32 prime rhythms derived by examining all possible rhythmsand weeding out bad ones via heuristic. Three of the outputs are variable by knob or CV. It requires only a beat clock to run. 

The PRIME knob selects the pattern set that is output. The PRIME knob acts as ascalar for the PRIME CV. The current patch is displayed on the LEDs near thecenter top.

The FACTOR knobs control the variation factor applied to the PRODUCToutputs. The rhythm variation is a based on the angle of the prime knob. Thisangle selects the product (these are the numbers listed on the panel) which ismultiplied by the PRIME pattern to produce the PRODUCT rhythm. FACTOR 2and 3 additionally modify the rhythm by performing a binary-and between theprime rhythm and the values 0x0F0F and 0xF003 respectively before themultiplication variation.

The SET switch selects which bank of patterns to use. The status of the BANKswitch is indicated by the orange LED.

The BEAT input is a clock input that advances the time on the rising edgeand returns any active gates to zero on the falling edge.

The MEASURE input resets the beat to the start of the measure on a rising edge.

The RST button will pause the advancement of time while depressed and whenreleased reset the time back to the start of the measure.

PRIME outputs a 6v low impedance gate suitable for controlling most any gatedriven device.

PRODUCT outputs a 6v low impedance gate suitable for controlling most anygate driven device. 


  • Plenty of gate outputs from one gate input. 
  • 32 core rhythmic patterns
  • Rhythmic patterns can be selected through the SET switch, and modulated with the Prime and Factor inputs.
  • MEASURE and RST inputs for reseting the rhythm cycle and pausing.

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  • Size: 8 HP
  • Current Draw: 50mA @ +12V, 5mA @ -12V

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