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Mutable Instruments
Peaks Dual Trigger to Signal Converter - 8HP

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Peaks Dual Trigger to Signal Converter - 8HP

Mutable Instruments Peaks

Peaks from Mutable Instruments is a complex and jam packed Trigger/Gate to Slope converter. It contains four surface modes and four submodes, making it useful in many different situations. In its first mode, it is a dual ADSR Envelope. The four control knobs control each stage of the envelope. Because there are two trigger inputs and two envelope outputs, both envelopes share the same ADSR settings, because they both use the same knob set. If the Split button is pressed, then it simplifies both envelopes, to just be Attack-Decay style envelopes, with the controls split to provide different envelopes on each channel. 

In LFO mode, the controls are switched to Frequency, Waveform, Waveform Variation, and Phase on restart. Both LFOs will be sharing these knob controls, unless the Split button is pressed, which simplifies and splits the controls. In that mode the top two knobs are the Frequency and Waveform of Channel 1, and the bottom two are Frequency and Waveform of Channel 2. 

In Tap mode, Peaks becomes a Tap-Tempo LFO. The tempo can be inputted thru the trigger input buttons, or via CV. In twin mode, the top knob affects the Volume of the modulation, second the waveform, third the waveform variation, and fourth the phase position. In Split mode, it is simplified to Waveform and Waveform Variation per channel. 

In Drum mode, Peaks has digital models of the classic 808 kick, snare and hi-hat. When in Twin mode, the four knobs control the base frequency of both drums, the punch and tone control of the drums, the high frequency content and the decay. In Split mode, it simplifies it to Bassdrum Tone and Decay as the top two knobs, and Snaredrum Tone and Snap for the bottom two. 

There are further modes in Peaks, including an Expert mode, as well as a 4-step sequencer. A Eurorack Swiss Army Knife!

Peaks Features

  • ADSR Envelope Generator
  • LFO & Tap Tempo LFO
  • 5 LFO Waveforms
  • Drum Synthesis (808 Based Kick, Snare, Hats + FM Style)
  • 2 Trigger LED Indicators
  • Mode Selection Menu Button
  • Split Button
  • 4 Multi-Function Controls
  • 2 Outputs

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 8HP Width
  • +12v: 60mA Current Draw
  • -12v: 2mA Current Draw

Customer Reviews

My favorite module!!! Review by Adam5280
This thing is awesome! I just ordered another one today because it does everything! ADSR or a pair of simple gates, LFO or two, snare, hi-hats and HARD hitting 808 bass drum, tap tempo too! Unlock the "Easter egg" and it also becomes a noise generator and a creepy female voice source with voltage controlled vocabulary!!! Peaks has been a part in all my patches since I got it and I can easily see myself buying two more. So simple yet so effective (Posted on 4/11/16)

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