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Mutable Instruments
Braids Macro Oscillator - 16HP

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Braids Macro Oscillator - 16HP

Mutable Instruments Braids

Braids, from Mutable Instruments, is a synthesis history book in module form. It provides synthesis models of all the most famous and respected synthesizers throughout synthesis history, from Analog models, to rich FM and wacky wavetables and drum sounds. Each synthesis technique is chosen with the encoder knob, which can easily shift from style to style. The Timbre and Color knobs provide variations to the tone of each synthesis model. Most often, Color is a type of filter, while Timbre effects the waveshape style.

Within each synthesis model, there are a whole bank of parameters that can be adjusted using the encoder knob, including Bit-Depth, Sample Rate, a built in VCA and envelope combo, Quantization, Octave switching, as well as a few other more specific parameters

Braids Features

Braids is much more than just a sound source and boasts an incredible selection of over 40 synthesis models. For an in-depth look at what Braids is capable of, check out the Braids Illustrated Guide created by Bob Borries, or the official Mutable Braids Manual.

Braids Videos

The Braids module is sequenced by the Doepfer Dark Time sequencer in this patch. Within Braids is a built in utility VCA and Envelope, which is being triggered by the Dark Time's gate output. The pitched is tracked with the 1V/Oct input, using Dark Time's CV output. The two Tides modules are used to modulate the Timbre and Color parameters of Braids. The main toggle knob is switching between each of Braids macro-synth models, changing synthesis forms through out synthesis history, from analog modeling to FM and Wavetable synthesis. Clouds is thrown on the end for a little bit of delay.

For this patch, we wanted to see how functional the quad polyphony was on Mutable Instruments Yarns, so we grabbed 4 Braids from our warehouse. Yarns was set to the 4P mode, with the CV outputs going into the 1V/Oct inputs, and the gate outputs into the trigger inputs. Each of the Braids has their internal VCA switched to "on," with the decay of the built in envelope to about 8 or 10. To provide a homogenous timbre, all four Braids are set to the same wave bank, although this is not necessary. The four Braids are then mixed using a Mutable Instruments Links as a unity gain mixer. To tune all four oscillators, four octaves were played on the keyboard, and each was fine tuned. Because of the note priority, it's necessary to keep an eye on Yarns to see which channel is blinking to choose the correct oscillator for tuning.

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  • Eurorack Module
  • 16-HP Width
  • 5V voltage source needed (for example Mutable Instruments Volts)
  • All inputs: 100k impedance, DC to 4kHz
  • 12-bit CV capture
  • 96kHz, 16-bit audio processing (some algorithms 2x or 4x oversampled)
  • Cortex-M3 ARM processor
  • Open-source hardware and firmware
  • Easy firmware updates through an audio interface
  • +12V: 15mA current draw
  • -12V: 15mA current draw
  • +5V: 85mA current draw

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